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Welcome to the BekaWorld News page

On this page, you will be able to read and see how BekaWorld products are being used in a wide cross-section of industries to keep their equipment and machinery running smoothly and without any unscheduled downtime.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new BEKA plant in Wannberg

As a result of the steady growth of BEKA and its global operations, along with the introduction of many new product lines serving industries across the globe, BEKA is expanding its manufacturing facility in the Pottensteiner district of Wannberg.

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Equipment veteran makes inroads for autolube in DAIRY FARMING

John Goodridge is on a mission to introduce farmers, contractors and municipalities to the dollar and sense of adding automatic lubrication to their equipment that runs day in and day out. “I got to know the Beka-Max system because of my past experience being a John Deere dealer,” he recounted. “They became standard equipment on the self-propelled forage harvesters, and during all that time, due to their reliability and robustness, we never had any service calls because the lube system was not working.” (As it appears in Compact Equipment)

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BekaWorld introduces precise, single-point autolubrication device

The BEKAONE single-point lubricator will supply grease to any existing lube point including hard-to-access and hard-to-service lube points in almost any application. (As it appears in For Construction Pros)

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Autolubrication earns big thumbs up from busy SCRAP RECYCLER

Having installed automatic lubrication systems on all types of heavy equipment, BEKAWORLD Product Manager Dave McDougall has a particular phrase to describe scrap recyclers. “They definitely need to make hay while the sun shines.” (As it appears in Recycling Today)

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Automatic Lubrication: Your best defense against downtime at the SAWMILL

The battle against downtime is never-ending for sawmill managers. Unscheduled downtime is a worst-case scenario, costing mills in the neighborhood of $500 a minute. But the best defense against unplanned failures, regular lubrication service, is itself a costly effort. Safety dictates a complete shutdown anytime crews approach the machinery to perform a grease service. In most manually greased mills, these service shutdowns occur several times daily. It’s for this reason that a growing number of mills are updating to automatic lubrication systems to keep their equipment up and running for more hours every day.

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